Wood or Split Rail Fence

  • We offer split rail fencing (2 and 3 rail) along with custom made gates.
  • We offer Wooden Post and Rail Fencing as well as Fence painting.

Vinyl Fencing

Taylor County Fence furnishes and installs vinyl fencing that is available in three colors; white, tan and gray, with a huge variety of styles. Vinyl fencing heights range from 36” tall up to 72” tall. To meet your needs, taller designs can be special ordered.
We install 3 or 4 rail vinyl fencing for a more open look. All vinyl fencing comes with a variety of styles, width, designs and a variety of post cap styles/designs as well. Due to the lack of require maintenance on a vinyl fence, it also makes a lasting impression, as it will never need to be painted and will never rust or rot. We have catalogs for you to choose the right color, style and design.

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Featured Products

Chain link Fence

Taylor County Fence offers residential chain link fence in both galvanized and vinyl coated finish. Residential chain link is available in heights of 36” tall to 96” tall and is available in  2” or 2 3/8" mesh. We fabricate all galvanized, vinyl coated finish, wood and aluminum gates here at our shop to fit the application. To include cantilever gates, single or double gates, or swing gates. Vinyl coated chain link comes in colors of: black, brown, woodland green and Ensor green with additional colors available as special order. Available also is privacy mesh screen material for chain link for privacy around swimming pools, air conditioners or anywhere privacy is desired. This screen comes in obscuration levels from 35% to 98%. We offer vinyl slats that are installed vertically in chain link fence. The vinyl slats are available in a variety of colors such as: forest green, redwood, beige, black, white, light gray and royal blue.